We Interrupt This Morning

Do you ever have one of those mornings that just doesn’t go as planned? That was my morning today. It’s very cold on this December morning, so I’m bundled up in layers, boots, coveralls and heavy coat with a hood and insulated hat. The thermometer read 27 when I went in to get dressed. Grabbing a hot cup of coffee in my travel mug, I headed out the door.

My son already had the Gator loaded with a tank of water and feed buckets, waiting for me to come out. We headed over to the hoophouse to fill water pails and feeders before letting the girls out. It’s a time of transition here from pasture to hoophouse for winter. 24837350_1951508391533133_5773616635839370676_oThe cold is causing the girls to slow egg production. The hoophouse will be warmer and still gives them access to outdoors.

We have one more eggmobile to move up from pasture, so we headed off to the far north end of the farm. We keep electrified poultry netting around the eggmobiles to keep them safe from predators. After the fence charger is turned off and netting opened, I press on the accelerator to drive through the netting and the Gator putters and inches forward and not firing up like it’s supposed to. ((sigh)) Not how we planned to have the morning go, on such a cold morning so far from any other vehicles or the barns.

After carrying buckets over to the girls and getting their feed and water filled, we take off walking back to the farm. Walking, bundled up, across the fields, through fences, crossing creeks (fortunately no water was in them) and up some major hills to get back. I wasn’t worried about cold any longer; breathing, yes! Although I’m pretty proud of myself. I kept up with my 34-year-old son. I was wishing I had my phone on me with my Health App to tell me how many steps that was!

We took the pickup truck back down with a new spark plug, hoping that would fix the problem. Nope. Of course this happens on a day when he needs to get going to pick up some feed supplies two hours away. So, the Gator spent the day down at the field and will be towed back up later to be serviced.

As I reflect upon the interruption to our morning, I remember that all our moments are ordained by God and a favorite verse comes to mind:

“You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day passed.” Psalm 139:16 NLT

Why a pause in our routine this morning? I have no idea. No reason to be angry or frustrated. It is what it is. Just another unplanned moment in the life of God’s Farm Girl.

One thought on “We Interrupt This Morning

  1. TOK

    I love how God interrupts our day, sometimes the reasons are clear and other times they are not. He helps us to flow in Him because every moment is ordained by Him.


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